Music E-Learning

  • The Random Rhythms Challenge

Students in Key Stage 2 have been very busy completing various Music challenges. Last week, students were asked to find household objects that could be used to create rhythms.

  • The Virtual Performance Project

In this module, students will join forces with multiple year groups and collaborate with other musicians across Key Stage 3. Students will have the opportunity to explore live performance, develop their vocal and instrumental skills and learn how to record live music independently. The final product will consist of a compilation of each individual part, combining multiple instruments and voices to create one unified piece of music. Resources will include a variety of backing tracks, MP3 recordings and bespoke sheet music.

As an introduction to the project, students were asked to perform the riff that features in the well-known song"Havana". Here is a compilation of three excellent recordings, created by David (drums), Riccardo (piano) and James (piano), who performed the riff from "Havana".

PE E-Learning

Computer Science Achievement

Year 3 E-Learning

Year 3 have been super busy this week!

In Maths we have been busy rounding to make approximations! Well done everyone for a lot of hard work and effort!

In Science, we have begun an experiment looking at how plants grow-so many children have started their own gardens!

We also had a Year group vote for Story Time - Little Miss shy and the fairy godmother VS Mr. Rush - check out some of our votes!

Year 2 E-Learning

The children in Year 2 have been identifying keywords in a paragraph and then placing them onto a spidergram.

Year 1 English Superhero work