We are extraordinarily pleased that our webinar on the 9th of June was positively received by many parents and achieved tremendous success. The webinar features a live-streaming video initiated and produced by Britannica students, and to a great extent, simulates a real school tour and highlights the quality and variety of our in-class activities since the school re-opening.

For parents who have missed out on the event, we are happy to provide you with a link where you can watch the whole video.

Below are some teasers of the video that encapsulate the great outcome of this student-led project which highlights teaching and learning at Britannica.

Scene 1: Britannica Students Give an Opening Speech in Front of the School Main Building on Our Football Pitch.

This scene features our Primary students, Eric and Larysa, who are proudly giving a great school introduction. They will show you around the campus, meeting and speaking with Britannica's teachers and students.

Scene 2: Larysa Interviews our Head of Early Years, Miss Isla Gillespie

In this scene, Miss Isla is talking about a day in EYFS and how different activities are integrated with our children's daily learning to help develop their skill set ready for when they go to Primary.

Scene 3: Eric Has a Chat with Year 3 Teacher Mr. Adam Monnington Who Is Reading His Favourite Book in Our Junior Learning Centre

We hope you will enjoy seeing our library as much as we do. It is packed with a variety of books and resources to meet different learning needs and also serves as a perfect space for our lovely Peer Reading activities.

Scene 4: Music Teacher Miss Anna Moreton Shares with Eric Her Great Experiences with Our Multifunctional Theatre

In this scene, as part of the full video, you will get to see brilliant performances by Britannica students to celebrate a wide range of festivals, for instance, Shakespeare Festival, Christmas and Chinese New Year Festival.

Scene 5: Secondary Student, Raphael Interviews Our Head of Mathematics, Mr. David Rosenberg

We believe that you will be given a great insight into our personalised, yet rigorous teaching approach to IGCSE and A Level Mathematics at Britannica through David's introduction in the video.

Scene 6: Rapheal Interviews Director of PE, Mr. Ashley Nicholas Who Walks You through Fantastic Sports Facilities at Britannica

In the video, you will have an opportunity to walk through our purpose-built campus that features a wide range of facilities, including our swimming pool, indoor gymnasium, indoor playground, and many more.

There are more scenes in the video, therefore, sign up now to obtain the video link!

How to Access the Full Video

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Thank You to Staff Behind the Scene

We want to say a big Thank You to everyone involved in this project, with a special thanks to Mr. John Benson for his coordination and guidance throughout the students' filming process.

Mr. John Benson

BA Hons in Primary Education from the University of Dundee and TEFL qualified in Teaching ESL students in the mainstream classroom (TESMC). Before joining Britannica, John taught in Shanghai and at a Primary School in Scotland.