It is known for a fact that language-learning not only improves your decision-making skills, memory and concentration, but also makes you a better listener and increases your chances of earning a more competitive salary. According to a specialist recruitment agency in London, average earnings may go up by 10-15% if you are multilingual!

But that’s not all – just as these A-Level students explain, mastering a language will open the doors to meeting new people, learning about their culture, developing first-hand relationships with others and helping to understand the world better.

Remember, whether it is for professional, cultural or cognitive purposes, learning languages is an incredibly valuable competence.

So, what better moment to make the most of your time and improve your opportunities?

Contact us to see how to bring your English/Mandarin/Japanese/Korean/Spanish/Italian/French/Hebrew to the next “A-Level” can benefit you and your future prospects.