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We never forget the value of your child’s cultural diversity. In addition to the core curriculum, we provide an extensive World Languages Programme, offering native language lessons throughout the school for Mandarin, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Hebrew, all of which are delivered by our specialist native-speaking teachers.

As the only British owned, British managed and largely British staffed school in Shanghai, Britannica International School provides the ‘Best of British Education’.

We also deliver a comprehensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme, delivered by highly qualified and experienced specialist teachers, which fully supports the English language development of our non-native English speaking students.

All of our classroom teachers at Britannica International School, Shanghai are exceptionally skilled teachers; we focus on the development of English language skills, regardless of the activity or subject being taught. On the sports field, on the stage, in the playground and in the classroom, pupils will learn to acquire the skills needed to become linguistically confident in the English language.

Our Curriculum

"I'd like my child to go to a British university in the future and the British curriculum at Britannica International School provides a suitable pathway for her to succeed in British examinations."

Parent of Year 7 Student

World Languages

We respect everyone’s native language and appreciate the value of second or third languages in our students’ future lives. Our unique Language Programme underpins our curriculum from Reception onwards.

Native Speaker programme

If your child is a native Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish or Hebrew speaker, we will support the refinement of their language skills from Reception onwards, through a combination of specialist classroom instruction and after school extension lessons.

Italian Language Programme at Britannica

Mandarin programme

At Britannica, Mandarin teaching is provided to all students from pre-Nursery (age 2) to Sixth Form (age 18).

Mandarin Curriculum at Britannica Shanghai

English as a first language

Fluency in the English language is central to learning in all curriculum decisions. We therefore carefully assess all students for their reading, writing and speaking skills as they begin their studies at Britannica International School, Shanghai. This assessment continues throughout their days at the school to ensure they progress at or above UK expectations.

English Teaching at Britannica International School Shanghai

English as an additional language speakers

Each student at Britannica International School, Shanghai, is offered a tailored approach to their language learning. Classroom teaching and learning is differentiated according to an individual student’s needs. Our team of highly qualified teachers are supported by the Classroom Teaching Assistant in our Early Years and Primary classrooms who help support this personalised approach.

During their Secondary years, (ages of 12 to 14) our students are placed in ability groups for their English lessons, according to their language needs. The duration and intensity of the support varies according to the needs of the individual student.

In Year 10 (age of 15) all Britannica students follow British IGCSE examination courses, many of which are elective subjects chosen by the students, with guidance from the school. Chinese, Korean, Japanese and European students will all find suitable IGCSE courses that ensure they achieve the highest grades possible in their chosen subjects. Students can opt for an appropriate IGCSE in English that gives them full globally-recognised accreditation for their level of competency in English.

Primary EAL at Britannica Shanghai

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