The atmosphere in the Year 6 Science classes has been ELECTRIC! Voltage, current, resistance and series and parallel circuits have all been topics that the students have been focusing on over the past few weeks. With a combination of practical and conventional lessons, Year 6 have developed strong foundational knowledge for this topic. The students have been collaborating in practical lessons and built a variety of circuits as well as investigated concepts such as voltage and component behaviour.

Year 5 have also been having fun in Science as they learn about changes of state. This week they saw a change from a solid to a gas using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, a balloon and water bottle. The children were so excited to see the reaction and change that took place. One child actually shrieked, saying “I am so excited and so nervous”. Later they also made some honeycomb in class; mixing caster sugar, golden syrup and bicarbonate of soda, which led them to see the change from a liquid to a gas to a solid!

Year 4 have also been active Scientists exploring the different sounds they can hear around the school as they start their new topic. They have also been learning about and identifying the key features of a biography in English lessons.

Year 3 have continued to look at traditional tales by reading and discussing the story of ‘The Country Mouse and the City Mouse’ and have also used this story to help them learn about punctuating speech and using adverbs.

Meanwhile, Year 2 have been hard at work learning how imperative verbs and apostrophes are used in instructional writing by investigating different recipes. Whilst in Science, they have explored ways to stay healthy through healthy eating and exploring what is in a balanced diet.

And finally, Year 1 have been reading the story of “Knuffle Bunny” by Mo Willems and have discussed the new vocabulary they have learnt and beuan to retell the beginning of the story using actions to help them remember.