Collaboration and communication between parents and teachers are two key elements which will ensure that your child continues to thrive at Britannica. This week teachers and parents met to discuss each child’s progress and next steps in their learning journey. These meetings are a wonderful opportunity for you to better understand how your child is getting on at school, academically and socially, and how you can support you child to reach their full potential.

Year 1 and 3 students have also demonstrated the importance of collaboration and working together this week. As part of their PSHE lessons, Year 3 students had prepared individual lesson plans for Year 1. Each Year 3 student supported a younger student to read a book and had planned some questions and an activity to help the children improve their understanding. It was an activity enjoyed by everyone and one that we hope to repeat more regularly!

Meanwhile, Year 4 have been busy conducting interviews with different leaders at school, to better understand the qualities needed to become a great leader. They have also begun to identify the differences between past and progressive present tense which will be helpful when it comes to writing biographies in the coming weeks.

Year 5 have also been developing their writing in English as they focused on using a range of determiners and expanded noun phrases. In addition, they have been trying to extend their vocabulary even further by using a thesaurus to find different synonyms.

Year 6 have been learning a variety of map skills in Geography, including identifying and using a legend, locating places on a map using four-figure and six-figure grid references, and analysing the height and relief of the land using different methods to do this such as contour lines, spot heights and layer shading. They explored the EYFS outdoor play area in order to plan and create an accurate map of the topography of this area.

Year 2 have been learning about the different continents and oceans of the world in their Geography lessons, which 2A impressively shared with us in Key Stage One assembly on Thursday. They have also been using their knowledge of odd and even numbers to tackle Maths problems and learning how to make halves and quarters by folding lots of different shapes.

What a busy week!