Bilingualism is a 21st Century skill to help one gain a competitive edge and have a better understanding of different cultures in this increasingly globalised world. One of Britannica's main goals is to enable our students to have bilingual fluency in not only English, our main teaching and learning language, but also Chinese as an additional language. This distinctive combination allows our children to underpin and master the curriculum.

To give our interested parents first-hand insights into our Mandarin programme, our next online webinar live stream will focus on the Chinese native language teaching philosophy and methodology we employ.

This is the Very First Time both leaders of our Mandarin Programme appear online to meet parents. Therefore, please don't hesitate to sign up.

More about Elaine Fu

Elaine Fu, Head of Mandarin at Britannica

  • Supported by a joint scholarship provided by New York University and Hanban, Elaine completed her M.A. degree in Foreign Language Teaching at New York University and gained the teaching certification of New York State.
  • She also gained first-hand Mandarin teaching experiences in a private school in New York City.
  • Elaine joined an established British-style international school after she returned to Shanghai and worked as a Mandarin teacher for four years, during which she developed her unique understanding of the British education system and gained experience teaching its exam courses.
  • In 2003, she joined the founding team of Britannica International School, Shanghai to set up and lead the Mandarin programme. This is her 7th year of leading this programme at Britannica.

How to Register

To register, please either click the button or scan the QR code in the poster below.

Extra Reasons to join

  • Parents who have registered for the webinar will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to meet the relevant Head of Phase through an online interview.
  • An Offer Letter will be issued to eligible candidates shortly after the meeting.