Britannica International School, Shanghai is delighted to share news of Sunshine, Year 8’s, recent sporting success. Sunshine has recently won multiple championships at 2020 Shanghai Youth Equestrian Tournament, against experienced riders from all over the country. These awards are a result of Sunshine’s personal hard work and determination and closely align with Britannica students’ continual pursuit of excellence in both academics and extra-curricular activities.

Mrs Wang, mother of Sunshine, shared with us the accomplished young rider’s story. Sunshine immediately found passion for the iconic British sport when she was first taken to a ranch by her parents. Her first years with horse riding was not easy, with many challenges and setbacks as she learned to befriend and master these magnificent animals. However, with true resilience, Sunshine never gave up, as she demonstrated qualities such as perseverance and tenacity. These are skills which her fully-qualified British educators at Britannica work to continually develop and mentor. Her equestrian adventure finally took off when she met a great master.

Sunshine, according to her mother, was a student in a Chinese public school, prior to joining Britannica. Her interest in horse riding was, unfortunately, underappreciated by her old school, as they told the young girl these extra-curricular pursuits would ‘interfere with’ her studies. After Sunshine joined Britannica, which is committed to delivering the best of British education, ‘She became much more confident in herself, and more open-minded’, said Mrs Wang.

‘At Britannica, she can now fully embrace her love for the equestrian sport, and at the same time, excel in academics’.