Mr Hapgood from Early Years

I will never forget what my teaching mentor said to me regarding what makes a good Early Years. She said, “You will open the door and want to go in and play yourself!” This is exactly the feeling I have had welcoming the children back to school this week.

Learning through play is essential for children to engage with the early year’s curriculum, and this week our teachers here at Britannica have been creating multi-sensory, imaginative activities for the children to learn and engage with.

Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior and health. For many children the early years is the first-time children interact with other children of the same age and the experiences and relationships they share can affect them enormously.
The first two days have been wonderful and has set the tone for a fantastic year.

Alastair Hapgood

Deputy Head of EYFS

Ms Lee from Primary

It has been delightful to welcome the children back to school this week.

There is nothing better than the creative buzz of a classroom, the electricity of thoughts and ideas and the knowledge that at the end of a school day you have contributed to positively affecting a young person's future.

Year 2 students have settled well into school routines, have started to make use of our sporting facilities and have really impressed me with their desire to learn.

What a positive start to the year, well done children!

Suzie Lee

Year 2 Lead and Cross Phase Mathematics Co-Ordinator

Mr Edwards from Secondary

My initial impressions of our Secondary students are that they are well mannered, mature and extremely motivated to learn. This combination of attributes enthuses me as a teaching practitioner and is one which will serve our students well throughout this year.

In the first days of term I have aimed to build positive and trusting relationships with my students by creating a warm and positive classroom environment, where every student feels that they are being challenged to their full potential.

What motivates me in my work is being innovative and finding new ways to help my students learn in the most effective way possible, and the knowledge that I have made a positive impact on a young person’s life is by far the most rewarding outcome of this.

Sebastian Edwards

Teacher of English and Drama