Today we were thrilled to welcome a record number of new students to Britannica International School, Shanghai. Our new student orientation day aims to equip students with a basic understanding of the British curriculum, allow them to experience the wide range of facilities on campus and meet their subject teachers.

Students were given a tour of the school, introduced to their teachers and classmates, and experienced a series of taster lessons from our UK qualified teaching staff.

Throughout the day we interviewed a selection of new parents and asked them why they chose Britannica International School, Shanghai, to deliver the Best of British Education for their children.

New Parent Testimonials

Parent of Student in Nursery

I chose Britannica International School because my oldest son has been studying at the school for some time. I trust the school and I like that the teachers here are very responsible.

—— Mrs Yu

Parent of Student in Year 2

The main reason for choosing Britannica International School is the small class sizes and an excellent student-teacher ratio. I'm also confident about the quality of teachers here.

—— Mrs Chen

Parent of Student in Year 1

I chose Britannica International School because I was attracted to its Britishness, quality teaching staff and the warm and positive school environment.

—— Mrs Anita

Parent of Student in Year 1

What led me to choosing Britannica International School was its excellent location close to the CBD, and based on my previous observation during the school tour, I felt Britannica follows a rigorous academic standard compared to other schools.

—— Mr Zhu

Parent of Student in Year 2

I chose Britannica because I wish for my son to continue with British education in the future, and the smaller class size at Britannica will enable my child to have more one-on-one time with his teachers.

—— Mr Blackwell

Parent of Student in Year 7

I'd like my child to go to a British university in the future and the British curriculum at Britannica International School provides a suitable pathway for her to succeed in British examinations

—— Mr Crawford

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