• Planning distractions outside of work and learning time to give different things to focus on. There might be some family projects you can do together, like looking at old photographs or growing seeds from vegetables and fruits you’ve eaten.
  • Taking time to think about things you would like to do once lockdown ends.

Talk about

• Talking about routines, chores work, learning and how you can all share the spaces in your home.

• Planning, if possible, for children and adults to spend time together one on one. And, plan some time apart, even if it’s just time alone with headphones, in a different room or a walk by yourself. Take time to gather your thoughts and relax.

A deep breath

If you feel yourself getting irritated or annoyed with your children or family. This is a challenging time for lots of people and there are things you can do to help. Try counting to 10 and taking some deep breaths before reacting.


Conflict, stress and spending more time with another can cause arguments. And it can be difficult to keep children shielded from adult arguments when everyone is together most of the day. When children see us communicating well and staying calm, it can help them cope with big emotions.