Have you thought about fun activities to do at home during this long weekend? We have some ideas for a fun family weekend. #StayConnected

Organise a party

1. Make a playlist in Spotify with your favourite music for dancing.

2. Set the speakers

3. Dance!

Organise a barbecue

1. Use the delivery apps and buy the ingredients for a barbecue

2. Enjoy cooking together

3. Include entrees and dessert!

Board Games Championships

1. Organise a championship of board-games with snacks and music

2. If you don't have a board-games download apps such as Carades, Quiz up, Uno, a lot of board-games have digital versions.

Movie time

1. Choose a movie and transform your house into a cinema.

2. Make the toy money with the children and set up a food stall (hot dogs, popcorn, juice, fruits, candies) where they can buy food or you can cook together.

3. Enjoy the movie.

Dress up and make up party

Throw a dress-up party with the things you have at home, play music, eat, dance and have fun.