1. Please introduce yourself.

My introduction to teaching first began at a young age in the form of coaching. I worked in my community to train and manage my local sports teams. I enjoyed working with these young people as well as seeing their social skills and sporting abilities develop.

Inspired by family members whom are teachers, my love of languages, and my experience in other part-time educational work I began pursuing a career as a teacher. Since qualifying, my teaching experience has been broad in that I have taught at post-primary and primary level, in rural and urban areas, as well as in mainstream and SEN settings. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead.

2. Why do you choose teaching as your profession?

I have always been drawn to and interested in the field of education. As a student I was hugely inspired by many of my teachers. During my time at school I saw the difference a good teacher makes by creating learning environments which are stimulating and focused, the subject is made interesting and the whole learning experience enjoyable. I like the variety that teaching offers for example the chance to engage in extra-curricular activities such as sports and school trips. I find teaching to be very rewarding, I enjoy seeing students reaching new goals and experiencing success.

3. What subject do you teach?

As a languages teacher I believe it to be of critical importance for young people to learn an additional language. Learning an additional language can provide students with a heightened sense of language awareness. For example, students can become more aware of the benefits of learning a language in terms of employment, multiculturalism, travel opportunity, as well as the cognitive benefits such as improved memory and problem-solving skills. In today’s multi-cultural and diverse society, it is hugely beneficial to be culturally and linguistically aware. In addition to this the learning process can boost confidence and aid communication skills. Within the classroom a communicative approach allows students opportunity to use the target language for authentic or real communicative scenarios, improving social and interpersonal skills.

4. Your aims for Britannica?

I will aspire to provide students with a sense of pride and achievement in their work. I aim to develop a positive student-teacher relationship and an encouraging atmosphere which will aid students in reaching their full potential. In addition, I aim to provide differentiated challenges for students to cater to their varied skills and abilities. Finally, I will aim to provide learning opportunities for students outside the classroom through ASA or other means.