Please describe your journey to become a teacher.

I grew up in Kent, in the South East of England. After I left school I went to a University in Birmingham where I studied Primary Education specialising in Drama and English. After teaching year 3 in London for a year I decided to embark on a new adventure in Shanghai where I’ve been for the last 9 years. My first year was teaching EAL children, then I moved and spent 4 years as a Reception teacher and my last 4 years have been at Britannica teaching Year 1.

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

I enjoy the fact that teaching is full of everyday challenges yet successes. I get to build new relationships every year with the children in my class and year group and contribute to the future of our society. Everyday is different and the children constantly make me smile and laugh. I love seeing the progress they make throughout the year, not only academically but socially and emotionally too. Working Internationally, I also get the pleasure of seeing the amount of progress children make in their 2nd language; it is incredible to witness how much they take in at this young age. One of my favourite quotes about teaching is “Teaching is Art and Science combined into lesson plans and theatrical performances.” It’s one of the best feelings knowing that your hard work has helped to develop, inspire and empower the children to become independent learners.

What area of the curriculum do you enjoy teaching the most?

The area of the curriculum I enjoy teaching the most is Maths, obviously this doesn’t mean I don’t value or enjoy teaching the other areas of the curriculum. Maths can come across as a little frightening to children as it consists of a right or wrong answer which can consequently mean they are reluctant to have a go at completing a set task. I know when I was a child I wasn’t confident in this subject area due to worrying about getting the answer wrong and I don’t want the children I teach to feel this way, therefore we encourage the children to understand that even wrong answers provide progress for their learning. There are a number of fantastic resources which we have here at Britannica to aid the children when teaching new concepts. This allows the children not only to understand these new concepts but also increases their engagement and enjoyment when working out the answers. I love breaking down the new concepts and working on helping the children progress, thus building on their knowledge and understanding. At Britannica, we are lucky to have an experienced Maths coordinator who ensures we as teachers have the right resources as well as a consistent curriculum which allows each individual child the confidence to build on their knowledge and become independent learners.

Why did you choose to work at Britannica?

Britannica prides itself on providing an excellent, broad and balanced curriculum which is tailored towards each individual child. The school has an inclusive community recognising and valuing all students needs and achievements. We strive to empower our students to develop their confidence and independence aiding them to achieve their academic potential. Britannica shows a relentless drive for excellence; when you walk through the door at Britannica you can immediately see the ethos of the school represented by our key values which are inspiring, inclusive, empowering and collaborative. This vision is communicated not only by what is said but by what can be seen. There is both evidence and a feeling that high expectations are pervasive, from the quality of the building to the quality of the work being presented.

Do you think you will stay at Britannica?

Absolutely, I love working at Britannica. It has a great and positive environment, so much so that your colleagues become your family which is extremely important when working internationally. Britannica is a highly valued school, by the parents and staff who work here as everyone at this school is treated equally, with respect and appreciated. In terms of personal development and career progression, Britannica advocates equal opportunities for staff wanting to further enhance and develop within their chosen profession. We have a motivated, collaborative workforce who are dedicated to ensuring the children are educated in a safe and inspiring environment, whilst also allowing for independent planning and delivering of lessons, differentiated and tailored to each individual child’s needs. We strive to bring out the best of each child at Britannica by encouraging them to be independent thinkers and learners. At Britannica, we endeavor to provide every child with the highest quality of education whilst learning in a positive and stimulating environment.