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Independent is a gift

  • Give your children love and respect
  • Show confidence in your child's capacities
  • Teach them that they have control over their life
  • Provide guidance and then give them the freedom to make their own decisions


For not fulfilling responsibilities. The best consequences are those that remove something of the importance to your children and give them the control to give it back by acting appropriately. This process gives absolute clarity to both of you and your children about what your 'jobs' are.

Teach responsibility

The best way to ensure you and your children assume the appropriate responsibilities is for each of you to know what your responsibilities are. If you and your children have a clear understanding of what is expected of each of you, then it will be easier to stay within the confines of those responsibilities.

Let them make mistakes

Show confidence in their abilities. Even if they make a mistake, and they will, tell them how proud you are of them for trying. This also lends itself to starting a healthy dialogue with them about what they learned and the possible solutions for next time.

Encourage exploration
When your children have developed their sense of security, you must then encourage them to explore the world beyond the safety net you provide. This push allows your children to test their own capabilities in the real world and to find a sense of competence, security, and independence within themselves.

Teach them life skills

One Day, your children will grow into healthy adults. And, When they do, they will need to have basic life skills which include things such as cooking skills, laundry skills, money managing skills, banking skills and the ability to follow through. Having this type of knowledge will help them grow into independent adults as well.