As each of our year groups have delved into their topics for the latter end of the Autumn term, I do hope you have been enjoying the topic curriculum overview that our EYFS teachers have been providing for you on Tapestry. As a parent these overviews give you an insight into the key learning your child will be covering during each of the topics, while our weekly class emails you the in depth learning in more detail to support you understanding your child’s learning throughout the year. We do hope you have been finding these useful and continue to enjoy being involved in your child’s learning through this year.

Please see below how each of our EYFS year groups have been exploring their topics more in-depth this week:


There has been some silly faces in Pre-Nursery this week as the children have discovered all about our facial features and emotions. Pre-Nursery have had wonderful fun identifying their nose, eyes, mouth, and ears through action songs, play dough, mix media pictures, interactive whiteboard games and much, much more.

Using a large fun mirror, they have explored how we can express our feelings through facial expressions learning what ‘happy, sad, angry and silly’ looks like on our faces.

To round up the weeks learning, Pre-Nursery got all crafty by creating their own unique faces using a paper plate and different art resources.


A wintery wonderland sparked curiosity in our Nursery learners, exploring and learning this week about artic animals, the winter season, and hibernating animals. We learnt so much about our world this week and talked about all the fun things we enjoy in Winter.

Nursery enjoyed exercising their fine motor skills, sculpting a Polar Bear from white clay. They observed the fine details of a Polar Bear and did their best to manipulate the clay to best resemble what they had noted.

Nursery marveled at the geometric patterns and uniqueness of snowflakes and enjoyed using stencils to sponge paint their own glittery snowflake. They sorted our clothes by season and sang along to a number of fun wintery songs. Along with this Nursery explored the changing state of water to ice and enjoyed watching ice slowly melt away in the Autumn sun.


It has been a very busy week in Reception this week. This week the children have continued to discuss birthdays. Reception talked about how we celebrate birthdays including giving presents, eating birthday cake, lighting candles, and singing happy birthday! In our literacy we looked at different birthday cards and how they are written. Reception then made a birthday card for Miss Gillespie, using the sounds we have been learning to write a birthday message. We also continued learning our sounds, focusing on the diagraph 'ck'. We learnt how the sound is found in the middle and end of words such as duck, lick and sick.

Reception were introduced to the religion Buddhism this week and learnt where Buddhism originated and what Buddhists believe. In Art, they made a Lotus Flower using paper and other materials, a traditional symbol of Buddhism.

In Maths the children learnt that when we put things in order (position, size etc.) we can use special numbers called ordinal numbers. Reception had fun putting things in order and using ordinal numbers to describe their position.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years