The start of the year is a wonderful time where students take huge leaps into the new academic year. This is never more so for our Early Year’s children, who for some will be their first ever experience at school.

Here at Britannica, our EYFS students have begun their year with a bang! There has been enthusiasm all round as the buzz of exciting exploring and learning has begun in our classrooms. Not only from the children but from our enthusiastic Early Year’s staff too.

Pre-Nursery took the brave, courageous steps through the gate on Wednesday independently ready to learn about what school is all about, meet new people and have fun being inquisitive through their play. Pre-Nursery have been amazing with adapting to their new environment, finding out about what they like to play with and understanding our simple class routines.

It has been wonderful to see so many of our students from last year move up into Nursery and be joined by new students. You can already see the friendships being made and the eagerness to learn when you step into the classroom. I was very impressed to see how well you have understood the Nursery rules and what perfect sitting and listening on the carpet straight away. Great job Nursery!

It has been a warm welcome back to our oldest EYFS children in Reception, who can I say have been an amazing example to our younger students on how to conduct oneself at school. All of you have come back with a mature learning mind and have actively got involved with the Reception ways. While walking round the department you all have spoken so politely and with enthusiasm about your experience this week. Fantastic job Reception, we are in for a brilliant year!

From all our Early Years staff I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for choosing Britannica Early Years for their child’s education and the support you have already shown the children and the school. We look forward to working collaboratively together for a wonderful creative, inquisitive year of learning.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years