Primary students have continued to delve into their learning this week as they have been scientists, archeologists and web designers among other things. Our Student Council representatives have had their first meeting and our Stars of the Week have enjoyed their celebratory breakfast with Mr Farrell. Teachers are also looking forward to online meetings with parents next week to discuss your child’s progress and how they are getting on so far this term.

In Computing Year 6 have been looking at the responsible use of IT in relation to the wider world, and that means being a responsible, ethical and safe user of internet applications. Staying with the theme of the internet, students are moving onto designing non-linear presentations with interactive hyperlinks, which will prepare them for their first experience of designing pages for the internet. Their web design course will make use of the skills they have already picked up this term and then build on them with the objective of teaching students to be responsible, confident and safe producers of online content.

Year 5 have been consolidating their understanding of commas, brackets and dashes and using these in their fun adventure stories. In Science they have enjoyed completing an exciting experiment looking at soluble and insoluble. They experimented with lots of different household items to see whether they dissolved or not – students were especially eager to see if breakfast cornflakes and classroom rubbers were soluble or not!

Year 4 have been interviewing some of the leaders at school, including Mr Farrell, Mr Nicholas the Director of Sport and myself. We have been very impressed with the questions they came up with and how seriously they made notes as we shared our answers.

Archaeologists and tomb robbers are what Year 3 have been this week! They have explored the pharaoh’s tombs in Ancient Egypt and learnt how the tombs were discovered and what was inside them. English has seen them write the start of their story, where some of the main characters have got up to some very naughty things!

Year 2 have been hard at work learning how imperative verbs and apostrophes are used in instructional writing. In Science, they explored ways to stay healthy and took part in a glitter experiment to see how dirty hands can easily spread germs to the different surfaces we touch.

Year 1 have been reading “Knuffle Bunny” by Mo Willems discussing what might happen if they lost their favourite toy and created a poster to help them find their toys. In Mathematics, the children have been learning how to subtract using mathematical equipment; they have learnt some of the different synonyms for subtraction and discovered that subtraction is the opposite of addition.

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary