Technology Learning

Technology learning in Secondary strives for a consistent approach to the needs of students living in the twenty first century. This approach is defined not only by the UK national curriculum but also by the continued feedback from staff, students and parents. Technology delivery in Secondary combines relevant elements of many learning theories, social structures and tools that when deployed create a powerful construct for learning in the digital age, all of which empower students, leading to excellence in their external exams. The technology department is always looking to share insights and perspectives on how we can enhance learning and teaching in our school, growing with the challenges of our times.


This week the year 7 students were busy creating their own Algebra board games. They were tasked with collaborating in a team and designing a playable board game. They had to implement Algebraic Substitution into their games but could choose their own theme and be as creative as they wished.

At the end of the week the students played each other games and helped grade the projects with some peer to peer feedback. The games will be graded on the clarity of rules, playability, use of mathematics, design and creativity and how well the students worked as a team. It has been enjoyable watching the students go through this process and I am always impressed with the level of creativity that students demonstrate.

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