As we creep closer to the end of term EYFS have been actively engaging in their learning. Please read below about the activities from each year group:


There has been lots of fun and laughter in Pre-Nursery this week as we adventured off with the rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’. The children have found the rhyme very fun especially with a cat having a fiddle, a cow jumping over the moon and the dish and spoon being able to run.

Throughout the week we have looked at each part of the rhyme, doing an activity that connects the ideas and concepts to support the children’s understanding of the language used. Pre-Nursery have particularly enjoyed learning the concept of ‘over’ as they energetically have jumped over the moon like the cow.

The music department supported our learning as they lent us a violin so the children could learn about the instrument the cat plays. The children loved hearing the sound it made, and all carefully had a go at pushing the bow across the strings to create some musical sounds.

What a fun-packed week we have had in Pre-Nursery!


What a wonderful time we are having in Nursery as we go to the beach with Lola, meet her many friends and follow her adventure in the story ‘The Sandcastle that Lola Built.’ It's a wonderful book about children's pleasure at play on the beach and delves into some important life learning concepts such as teamwork, overcoming disappointment and never giving up!

We listened to the sounds a large wave makes as it crashes down and tried to make the sound ourselves. We followed the shape and action of a wave with large arm movements and sang along to Happy Holidays while discussing the activities we enjoy on the seashore such as: taking a photo, building a sandcastle, collecting shells, fishing and walking hand in hand.

Children have enjoyed large group projects this week, working as a team to build large junk model sandcastle towers.In Maths we problem solved numbers and amounts and revised measurement skills with our bodies to measure height and length and used time to measure; children operated a stopwatch, stop, go, reset!

A week packed with exploratory learning activities and stimulating provocations!


Reception children have been having lots of fun whilst working very hard again this week. During Phonics the children were practising the sounds ‘ee’ and ‘oo,’ reading and writing words with these in. The children were then transformed into sea explorers and wrote ‘I can see,’ sentences about what they saw on their adventures! In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, the children worked hard to identify the properties of different shapes and practised ordering numbers to 20, their skills were most impressive! In Topic we read the story of ‘Sharing a Shell’ and Reception thoughtfully helped the characters in the story and explained the importance of sharing before completing some beautiful shells of their own.

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years