A wonderful part of our EYFS curriculum here at Britannica is the enhancement of learning through our specialist teaching of PE, Music and Library experience. With the adaptations to timetables to ensure we can return to school, these lessons are still bringing joy, laughter and learning fun to EYFS. I have had the pleasure this week to watch Nursery continue their PE lessons in our EYFS outdoor learning space, using our special equipment to great effect to build their gross motor movement and spatial awareness, key skills needed for when they grow and move onto team sports in Primary.

There was a lot of rainforest noises coming from Reception as Ms Quinn brought Music lessons into Reception A and B this week. To support their musical development, Reception made special rain sticks that they will use throughout the music topic on rainforest sounds.

And, last, but not least, the love of reading has continued as Ms Freda has brought Library to all our EYFS classes. The very important aspect of the enjoyment of hearing a story has been loved by all as we just changed the setting of the Library to our classrooms!

A huge thank you to all our specialist teachers for ensuring our youngest learners can continue to grow.

Please read on to see what has been happening in each year group in class:


We have been to London to visit the Queen!

Fun as been had as we joined Pussy Cat on his way to London to see the Queen. We have looked at different aspects of London and identified the flag and the palace the Queen lives in. Pre-Nursery enjoyed making crowns, flags and exploring arranging stones to make crown templates.

Along with learning about the Queen, Pre-Nursery have been telling Cat to stop frightening the Mouse under the chair as it is not nice for Mouse.


Nursery children have enjoyed exploring the sights and sounds of a city holiday with Maisy. They have talked about what to do if they get lost, what sort of shops they may visit and other leisure activities to enjoy in the city such as cafes and parks.

Children in Nursery designed their own busy cities constructing and engineering strong buildings and crowding their cities with people, pets and traffic. They have been creative, using all sorts of shapes to present their own city collage and in Math, have explored measurement of height and compared shortest to tallest buildings. They cleverly sequenced buildings by height and enjoyed working together as a team on these amazing city projects!


What a busy and exciting week we have had in Reception!

This week Reception have been working exceptionally hard whilst practising using the sounds ‘ch,’ ‘sh’ and ‘ng’ in their reading and writing. In Maths they worked with accuracy, telling the time using both a digital and analogue clock. The children then used their knowledge to help Baby Bear to correctly order the events of his day before writing about their own daily routine.

During Topic Reception have used shoeboxes to recreate their own Under the Sea aquariums and they all worked carefully to create some artwork that they should be very proud of and finally, in Music the children made amazing Rain Sticks and used these to make different sounds.

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years