Primary teachers were delighted to welcome back to school our Years 4-6 pupils this week. The children enjoyed reuniting with classmates and teachers and have adapted very quickly to the new routines.

Here are a few words from our returning pupils about how it feels coming back to school:

“I like being back at school because we can do work on our table – it is much more comfortable. I also like talking to my friends about learning and sharing ideas.” (Selina).

“Learning is easier in school; it is so much fun!” (Shalevi)

“I missed learning like this! I missed learning with my classmates and teacher being around. I missed helping each other.” (Adrian)

For those pupils unable to return to school yet we have been continuing with e-learning and Zoom calls to ensure all children are included and able to keep up to date with their learning.

Year 1 have been having a wonderful time with their new Science topic of materials and have completed an E-Learning investigation. They were asked to test a variety of materials to see which one would keep in the warmth the best.

Year 2 have been learning about the features of graphic novels and character designs and further developing their understanding of how to solve word problems in Maths.

In Year 3 the children have been learning about shadows and investigated different materials around the home to discover whether they are opaque, translucent or transparent. Then had to choose which material would be most suitable for curtains and explain why.

Year 4 have been tackling some challenging fraction work as well as studying different types of energy processes and considering the different views and opinions about wind farms.

Year 5 have begun learning about Viking longboats and non-chronological reports, as well as investigating square and cube numbers in Maths.

Year 6 are reading ‘Call of the Wild’ and been learning about the Gold Rush and sled racing as well as investigating the importance of soil and its different layers.

I hope that wherever you may be you and your families are safe and healthy and we look forward to welcoming back more students soon.

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary