At Britannica International School, Shanghai, we aim to provide an environment where feedback and home-school communication is encouraged and valued. Our annual parent survey has been released to all parents with a deadline for completion of Monday 25th January.

Our survey contributes to our overall goal of continually improving the educational outcomes and opportunities of all of our children. Please do take advantage of this opportunity to provide feedback to the school.

The survey may be read and completed in English, Chinese or Korean. The results of the survey will be used by the school and Orbital Education to evaluate parent perceptions of Britannica; including its curriculum, teaching, teachers and school management.

The survey is immediately live, and parents may access the link by their phone, laptop, desktop or ipad:

  • Parents who take part in surveys are more likely to understand and support any particular approaches that are being used in school
  • Parents who get involved take a greater role in their child’s education and activities around schooling, which leads children do better academically and socially
  • Parents’ positive perception highly influences their children’s perception of school, which, in turn, positively contributes to students’ academic, social, and emotional learning.
  • By sharing their views, parents may well be providing useful insights for the school
  • Surveys provide invaluable evidence for our School Self Evaluation and School Development Planning
  • Helps the school to identify what policies and decisions parents are and are not supportive of in your school