A warm welcome back to all our EYFS students and a big hello to new students too. The Summer term is an important part of the year as the children in EYFS consolidate and extend their skills ready for their transitions into new year groups next academic year. Later in the term will be more information for parents regarding transitions, especially for our Reception children who will move into the Primary phase. We will keep you informed about this, so please keep a lookout for information sent.

Within year groups new topics have been started throughout the EYFS. Pre-Nursery are getting noisy on the farm, Nursery are enjoying the wonderful world of minibeasts, while Reception learn all about how to be amazing eco-warriors with their topic ‘Green Fingers’.

Please do enjoy reading about our EYFS learning this week and see it in action through the photographs.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years

  • Pre-Nursery

Our friend Old MacDonald has been helping Pre-Nursery get into their new topic ‘On the Farm’ this week. Using the song 'Old MacDonald had a farm', the children have enjoyed learning all the names of the animals and their sounds. It’s been a very noisy week! We have used toy animals, interactive sound games and a big animal hunt outside to help us identify each animal in fun cool ways.

As we all know one animal (a pig) loves mud and as an introduction to things we find on the farm, Pre-Nursery explored mud by using it for mark-making, creating muddy pig pens. But the big excitement over mud was when we used our counting skills to jump in muddy puddles that you would find on the farm.

What an exciting start to our new topic. Next week we will be seeing who Spot the Dog finds on the farm, consolidating all our animal names from this week.

  • Nursery

Nursery immersed themselves this week in Eric Carle's wonderful story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’!

Our hungry caterpillar ate through all sorts of healthy and unhealthy foods, and we watched and marvelled as it grew and transformed into an amazing caterpillar. Nursery learnt more about our world and the changes we might observe in nature through this.

Nursery cleverly retold parts of the story, sequencing the days of the week, listening for letter sounds in the names of the food our caterpillar ate. Using props to act out the story, they enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrain "but he was still hungry". Along with this they have named food items and instructed friends to feed our caterpillar using the phrase "feed him!"

The children used their body actions to crawl and creep like a caterpillar and fluttered like a butterfly before going on a bug hunt in the outdoor gardens to see what they could find.

Nursery used their creative skills to make their own playdough caterpillars of all different lengths which we used to sort and arrange by size: smallest to biggest. We counted out minibeast in our small world garden and recorded our quantities before grouping them into jars of similar bug type.

What a fun week slithering into our term topic all about Minibeasts! Nursery can expect a very adventurous few weeks ahead!


This week in Reception, we launched our new and exciting topic, ‘Green Fingers.’ Our classroom roleplay has been transformed into a Flower Shop, and we have been helping to pay for different flowers using different coins. To introduce Reception to the topic they have been investigating real plants and talking about their favourite flowers in our ‘Conversation Station.’

In Literacy Reception have learnt about jobs on a farm and Farmer Ted asked for our help to write a list for his friend whilst he goes on holiday!

In Mathematics, we did lots of counting; this week we have been practicing counting from 0 in 2’s and found lots of fun ways to practice this skill.