learners, with eager, inquisitive minds who have loved all their topics. I hope you have enjoyed reading your child’s report that went home this week, celebrating all your child’s achievement as they grow as learners. These reports give you as parents a great insight into your child’s achievements, and progress and one which teachers enjoy sharing with you.

There have been many highlights this Spring term from our Chinese New Year celebrations, Storytelling Week, Gruffalo conversation corners to bunny hunts to end the term. Our final adventure of the Spring term took place today as we joined together for ‘Healthy Schools Week’ in a HITT session lead by our Director of Sports, Mr Nicholas. More fun was had keeping fit on the giant inflatables, a great way to round up a fantastic term.

From the whole EYFS team and myself, I wish you all a lovely holiday.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years


Pre-Nursery concluded their term full of Nursery rhymes by popping down to the garden with the rhyme ‘Mary, Mary Quite Contrary’. Using the theme of a beautiful garden growing Pre-Nursery have enjoyed learning about the coming of Spring, flowers growing and hunting for insects who may be smelling those beautiful flowers.

Throughout the week, the children have enjoyed being hands-on as they have role-play planting seeds, pretending to water the flowers so they grow, and they now know that we need the sun too to ensure our seeds and flowers stay warm ready to grow.

Using our fantastic counting skills Pre-Nursery enjoyed counting the flowers in Mary’s garden and even identified if they were big or small! Along with this, we had fun counting stripes onto the bumble big using our large Numicon shapes to help us count.

To end our Spring term Pre-Nursery went on a hunt for some Spring Bunnies around our classroom. There was lots hopping about as we did our very good looking to find those small bunnies. After this, we joined together to use body movements to join in with the song ‘See the bunnies sleeping’. A wonderful way to wrap up our Spring topic. Well done Pre-Nursery!


Nursery were amazed to find bunny pawprints scattered across our classroom floor on Tuesday morning! We investigated this new classroom anomaly by tracking the bunny paw print trail and used our analytical skills to determine how the Easter Bunny had gained entry to our Nursery room. We found prints on the window ledge and decided he slid through an open window. Then we tracked bunny as we wondered the reason for his visit? We noted his trail led to our Spring House and talked about the reasons he may have been interested in our Spring House, perhaps he was attracted by the blooming flowers or the beautifully painted butterflies. Easter Bunny’s trail took a path out of the Nursery classroom. Nursery were hypothesized that the Easter Bunny may have been heading to the lunchroom because he was hungry, others thought he may have wanted to find the indoor playground or head to a big class…maybe Year 1!

We were very fortunate that our visitor left behind some wonderful surprises. We enjoyed an Easter bunny hunt and hopped just like a bunny in our search for small gifts and brightly coloured Easter eggs! We used our words to describe where our gifts were found: under the table, in the box and next to the teddy bear! To end our magical day, we enjoyed a tasty traditional Easter treat…hot cross buns! Delicious!

In math, we counted spots on our eggs and matched them to numerals; we used circles, squares and ovals to create our own bunny and sang along to “Hop, Hop, Hop like a bunny!”

What a wonderful week of fun to end our Spring term! Have a great holiday Nursery families!


This week the children have been developing their writing skills by writing short sentences about the story they learnt in storytelling week. They used clever writing strategies, such as first saying the sentence and counting the words, then drawing lines for each word. The children then used their phonic knowledge to sound out each word finishing with a full stop!

The children’s pattern knowledge was challenged this week as the naughty Gruffalo had fun changing all Julia Donaldson’s repeating patterns. They worked hard to continue, create, and change different patterns using different resources including, shapes, coins and colours.

We embraced healthy schools week by learning all about what makes us healthy including, what we eat and what we do, and got involved in lots of daily exercise to increase our heartbeats.

We wish everyone a happy and restful break and we look forward to welcoming back everyone when we will begin our new topic, ‘Green Fingers!’