Ready, Set, GO!

What an energetic end of the week for EYFS as we rounded it off with Britannica Sports Day. The flags were waving, the activities set, and with a blow of the horn, the children burst into action. There was cheering, jumping, and shouting with enthusiasm as the children spurred each other on to achieve their best through sport. The event was made extra special as you as parents were able to come to support your child and join in with the sporting fun. I am sure you will agree that the morning was a highlight of the year which will be a treasured memory of your child’s year in school. A huge thank you from the EYFS team goes to or PE department who organised the event and to you as parents for the support you gave your children.

In class, this week EYFS have been finishing their topics of ‘On the Farm’, ‘Minibeasts’ and ‘Green Fingers’. Each year group will be commencing new topics next week. Please do keep an eye out on Tapestry for the topic overviews.

We have two presentations coming up within EYFS in the coming weeks.

  • June 1st Nursery Phonics Workshop by Miss Smyth
  • June 2nd Pre-Nursery Transition presentation by Miss Gillespie

More information about these workshops will be sent out on Monday via email.


Pre-Nursery have rounded off their topic ‘On the Farm’ with Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. There has been a lot of shaking hands and feet and ensuring our hats are flippy floppy, as the children used their actions to join in with this wonderful farm rhyme.

Pre-Nursery learnt all about how scarecrows on the farm help the crops to grow by scaring away the birds and we had fun pretending to be a bird seeing a scarecrow says ‘Arrrgh, no a scarecrow!’ Following on from this the children enjoyed working together as a group to dig up vegetables from the soil and used our mathematical skills to sort and count them.

Complementing all our learning in English, Pre-Nursery had fun on the farm in Mandarin as they learnt the parts of a scarecrow. They even dressed up using scarecrow clothing as they sang a special song!

Pre-Nursery have loved being down on the farm this half term, however, it is now time to say goodbye to the animals and get excited about cars, trains and boats as we enter our final topic of the year ‘Transport’ next week.


Nursery used the bank of knowledge they have acquired over the past few weeks to build habitats, name minibeasts and talk about changes and activities seen in our natural world.

We revisited the lifecycle of a butterfly and some children enjoyed making flower collages with plenty of nectar for our beautiful winged minibeasts. Using their pattern arranging and organisational skills, Nursery built hives from hexagon shapes and enjoyed using natural resources found in the environment to build a home for some local snails.

Nursery sorted minibeast based on their characteristics and added and removed bugs from small groups to observe changing amounts. The children understood that when taking away from our bug jar we ended up with a total that was less than and when adding, we ended with a total that was more!

Nursery were very excited to participate in Sports Day and prepared by familiarising themselves with the outdoor running track. We noticed that our running lanes were numbered, and we were excited to race each other, being careful to stay in our lanes. There were lots of high fives, cheering, clapping and encouragement shared amongst friends and a show of fair play and great sportsmanship. Nursery children enjoy a daily run and play on the large outdoor field when weather permits and so children were confident and enthusiastic to participate in this large, open space school event.


It has been another fun-filled week in Reception!

This week in Phonics the children learnt the ‘oi’ and ‘ar’ sounds as well as the tricky word ‘my.’ They enjoyed becoming ‘Sound Detectives,’ finding the hidden sounds and using their new tricky word within simple sentences. In Literacy, we finished our amazing plant information books which we read to our friends.

In Maths the children consolidated their understanding of doubling by helping Farmer Fred to double the cost of his vegetables. We then had lots of fun adding; making our own number lines and using these to solve problems involving addition.

Today the children all had a wonderful day as they took part in Sport’s Day. The children enjoyed competing in a variety of activities before enjoying a delicious celebration picnic!

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years