Next week we look forward to sharing the progress that the children have made this term during our Parent Teacher Meetings. At Britannica we ensure that we work closely and collaboratively with parents so that your child is at the centre of all that we do. As well as sharing the progress of your children we will provide you with a greater understanding of your child’s next steps.

This week in Pre-Nursery, we have been consolidating our learning of colours, extending our knowledge, and independence of naming and matching each colour in ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. This week the children have also been listening out for their individual name and we have supported them to learn their friend’s names. In our carpet sessions we have been singing ‘What’s your name?’ whilst passing a teddy bear around the circle. Also, we have been looking at each other’s pictures using torches to point to a child’s picture and naming them, whilst using the phrase ‘I see…!’ This week Pre-Nursery used the indoor playground for the first time. The children had so much fun playing on the scooters, crawling through tunnels and kicking and catching a ball.

In Nursery this week the children have been developing their understanding of how a vet helps animals. The children enjoyed working in our class vet, checking on the animals and putting bandages on them to make sure that they felt better quickly; the children were very kind! In Maths we have been developing our understanding of shapes, naming and discussing the properties of circles, triangles and squares. The children enjoyed stamping shapes in the EYFS Art Room and playing with water. It has been a very fun first week back!

What a wonderful week we have had after the October holiday! The children settled in quickly and continued exploring and learning. In Literacy we revised the letters s, a, t, p, i and n. They were introduced to the word “I” and wrote their own first sentences with “I am…”. They also learnt their first tricky word ‘go’ and made lots of sentences with it. This week we read the story, “How to Catch a Star,” and the children took part in different activities to encourage their self-expression and comprehension.

Maths was all about heights and measurements. The children enjoyed participating in several activities that explored measuring objects with 1cm cubes and a 30cm ruler. They worked so well in partners, measuring objects around the classroom.