Please enjoy our EYFS article and photographs from the week. There has been lots of engaging, stimulating learning going on which all EYFS children have enjoyed.


‘Squeak, squeak, squeak!’

Pre-Nursery could hear 3 little creatures running around the class this week as we explored the rhyme ‘3 Blind Mice’. During our carpet sessions, Pre-Nursery enjoyed using actions and props to learn the rhyme and especially loved learning the ‘chop’ action when the farmer’s wife cuts the tails. Using the ‘chop’ actions Pre-Nursery have built up their finger muscles through cutting and chopping play dough using a variety of tools.

Throughout the week we learnt all about mice, looking at their key features; eyes, ears, whiskers, and tail and placed them all on a mouse template to create our own mouse. After learning about mice, we put our knowledge into practice by making our cool tube mice!

In our activities, Pre-Nursery loved creating a ‘House for a Mouse’. Using cotton wool, straw, leaves, and natural wood the children made sure that the ‘Mouse House’ covered the mouse’s tail so it could not be chopped off by the farmer’s wife.

To round up our week Pre-Nursery put their mathematical hats on by counting our magic number of the week ‘3’. We counted the mice in the rhyme, gave each mouse a piece of cheese and then went around the classroom to find three mice.

Our squeaky mouse friend has been a wonderful learning tool for us this week and will be joining us again next week as we learn the rhyme ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’.


Introducing “Sam I am” Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed the rhythmic, rhyming nature of Dr Seuss’s book.

We marvelled at Sam’s persistence and realised that it pays to never give up! We also practiced our communication skills introducing ourselves while maintaining eye contact and worked in pairs to have a short conversation. We introduced ourselves just like Sam, “I am Sam!”. We progressed in recognising the sounds of rhyming words and had a lot of fun filling in the rhyming words of our story phrases.

Nursery got creative making their own green eggs and naming parts of the egg: yolk and egg white. We explored healthy food and learnt about the superhero benefits of choosing to try and eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs and cheese. Nursery enjoyed talking about healthy growth and developing their muscles and skills.

In maths, we got busy writing the numbers we have learned and using Numicon shapes to make our numbers; recognising quantity and exploring simple math problems.

We continue our rhyming book topic next with, “What Do They Do With All The Poo In The Zoo?” A funny book allowing for casual discussion about our bodily needs.


Reception have continued to use Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’ as their learning stimulus this week. The children learnt all about the plot and characters and were able to discuss how the mouse solved the problems he encountered. They made their own story map and used positional language to describe the mouse’s route.

We also continued to learn new sounds and tricky words, reading them in short sentences and captions.

The children learnt all about how to make good estimates this week and had fun estimating how many different star jumps, rolls and claps they could do in 30 seconds before checking their estimates to see how close they were.

We look forward to another exciting week next week as we move on to a new Julia Donaldson book, ‘The Room on the Broom’.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years