At Britannica we value the collaboration between parents and school so we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to join our EYFS Open House next Tuesday where you will have the opportunity to work alongside your child in their class. Also next week in EYFS we will be exploring nursery rhymes as we take part in ‘World Nursery Rhyme Week’. Each child will be learning nursery rhymes and taking part in curriculum based activities relating to these. On Friday the children will perform a rhyme to a different class and will share their learning.

Pre- Nursery
This week Pre-Nursery have been reading the story Owl Babies. We have been learning about our family, using the story as a prompt for discussion. This is a lovely story about three owl babies who look for their mum as she has gone out hunting for food. We have be developing our understanding of family and using family related vocabulary, such as ‘mum, dad, brother and sister’. We have also been looking at the children’s family photos and telling our friends about who is in our family.

This week in Nursery we continued learning all about Autumn. We further explored the changes in our environment and described these using full sentences. The children used finger paints to make their own Autumn tree and we learnt a rhyme about '10 Little Apples.'

Children enjoyed exploring our Autumn small world describing the colours and Autumn objects, such as pine cones and acorns, that they could see. In Maths, we worked hard to help the hungry Squirrel to collect the correct number of acorns and made our own very impressive books about the ‘Lifecycle of an Acorn.’

This week we have continued our topic “Food Glorious Food!” and have focused on where food comes from and the life cycles of plants that produce fruit and vegetables.

We have continued to practice all the sounds and tricky words learned in our Phonics class so far and are blending CVC and CVCC words with these sounds. We have introduced the sound ‘ck’ and played many games which introduced the children to words with k, c and ck. We also learned to read and write the word ‘no’ and talked about what ‘no’ means and how important it is to respect other children’s’ boundaries when they say ‘no’.

In Maths we learned all about ordinal numbers. We looked at where we often see or hear these ordinal numbers, e.g. the date, lining up, races and understand what these ordinal numbers tell us. We first focused on 1st, 2nd and 3rd before moving onto 4th, 5th and beyond. We played games where the children used swatters to move their bugs along the floor. They also made their own rosettes and raced each other on the running track to see who would finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.