Photons, reflectors, light sources, rays, beams, reflection and refraction. Year 6 have been focusing on all things light over the past few weeks. With a balance between theory, practical work and demonstrations, the students have been deepening their understanding of how light behaves, how we see things and how light causes illusions that are initially difficult to understand. In addition, Year 6 have been learning how to accurately illustrate the Law of Reflection with reflection ray diagrams and completed practical work to prove the law with accuracy and maturity.

Year 5 scientists have continued to learn about planets and found out the difference between orbiting and rotating. They have also been drafting their own version of a Christmas Calamity as part of their modern fiction unit in English developing speech and expanded phrases.

Year 4 have been investigating using adverbials in their writing to make it more interesting and descriptive to the reader. Using poems, they have observed how powerful adjectives and verbs can enhance their writing when combining them as adverbials.

Year 3 had great fun in Science examining bones in our bodies by finding out the correct names and comparing different bones by measuring them. In Maths they have been exploring the connections between concrete groups of items, pictorial groups and the abstract number equation that matches. The children have enjoyed showing the inverse of multiplication problems and then displaying this in a bar model.

Year 2 have explored the function of camouflage and the animals that have adapted to use it. Later on, they chose an animal that does not use camouflage and designed a suit that would help them to blend in. They discussed reasons for the suit and linked these to survival. Whilst in Geography, they explored climate change and created posters detailing things we can do to reduce its impact on the lives of plants, animals and humans.

1C shared their learning about Big Machines in Key Stage 1 assembly yesterday explaining where machines came from and who invented some of the most important machines we use in our daily lives. Year 1 have really enjoyed learning about their specific big machine and remembering the new vocabulary to explain the job of their machine. They have also been looking at the word types used in non-fiction texts and identifying all the verbs used to describe the job of their machines.