This morning it was a pleasure to watch Key Stage Two’s Talent Show assembly. It was a great reminder of the many different talents our pupils have – singing, dancing, magic tricks, a guitarist, artists and even horse riding (!) to name but a few. It was a wonderful celebration of skills and fantastic to see everyone encouraging each other too. I look forward to seeing what other talents our children have!

Also, this week, Year 1 have been exploring animals in science lessons this week and grouping them in a variety of ways; from the number of legs they have, back bones, skin, hair, warm or cold blooded, as well as the type of animals they are. They have specifically focused on five categories: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish.

Whilst, Year 2 scientists have explored the growing and changing of us as humans, learning the similarities and differences that occur as we get older. In History, they have been learning about the courageous life of Mary Seacole and her work in the Crimean War.

Year 3 have been identifying different types of prepositions and using them to create sentences during their English lessons and in Topic have been learning about prehistoric Britain and finding out about the different events leading up to the Ice Age.

Year 4 have explored the use of pronouns in descriptive writing and created ‘Wanted’ posters for Toothless, a naughty dragon from their book ‘How To Train Your Dragon’! During their Topic lessons, they have worked together in groups to discover new facts about biomes in preparation for their presentations very soon.

Meanwhile, Year 5 have excitedly begun their research and investigations of Ancient and Modern Rome, locating Italy on the map and identifying geographical interests and many of the country’s key cities. Year 5 have also reflected on their own personal time line and got busy creating their own chronological representation of key events in their own lives.

Lastly, our Year 6 students are really impressing everyone with their mature and positive attitude to learning and have made a great start to their Invasion Games unit in PE, particularly with how well they are working together as a team. The students are making great progress in lessons and have now started to concentrate on more tactical areas of the game such as match fitness, team work and the rules and regulations of the game.