It has been a busy start to the Summer term with the Key Stage 3 years groups focusing on Forces, Magnetism and Pressure. The Year 7 class have been learning and deepening their understanding of forces. They have been focusing on how different forces function, how forces can be represented, what balanced and unbalanced forces are as well as how to calculate resultant force. In Year 8, the student have been learning about magnets; they have investigated magnetic fields and how magnets can vary in strength, and they are current building and investigating electromagnets. The Year 9 cohort have been learning about pressure in fluids. All the year groups have settled back into school well and worked hard.

For a large part of the remainder of this term, all the KS3 year groups will be taking part in the Britannica Science and Engineering Fair. This years projects will all be completed in pairs, which is a significant change from last years individual projects. We are all very much looking forward to seeing what the students will the outcome of the projects will be.


Across English and EAL, students have embarked on their Shakespeare modules. The importance of studying Shakespeare transcends its place in popular culture; the study of Shakespeare is an exploration of the modern world and human nature. Through Shakespeare, discussions surrounding gender, race, religion and equality are paramount and are of critical importance to the holistic development of every child as a global citizen'. While Year 7 are studying the tragedy of 'Romeo and Juliet', Year 8 are focussed on the comedy of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and Year 9 the tragedy of 'Macbeth'. This knowledge is revised and compounded in Year 10, with their IGCSE study of 'Othello'.