This week has seen the Year 3 children become Authors, Geologists and Calculating Specialists: In Maths, the children have been applying their understanding of number representations with concrete materials to written methods of addition and subtraction. Because of the hard work the children had already done during their Place Value unit, they were able to quickly grasp the concept of column addition and column subtraction as written methods. In English, they have been innovating key parts of the traditional tales they have been exploring to create their very own stories. They had great fun creatively adapting the stories with some now very interesting titles! In Science, Year 3 continued their investigations of rock types by carrying out some scientific experiments on a variety of rock types and drawing conclusions from observations. This has tied in very nicely with their Stone Age work, where the children have created their very own cave dwellings!

Year 6 are coming to the end of their unit on Fractions; they have studied equivalent, mixed and improper fractions and converted these. They have also learnt how the four main operations worked with fractions and particularly enjoyed learning the ‘KFC’ (Keep, Flip, Change) technique of dividing with fractions.

Year 4 are coming to the end of writing their biographies about a famous leader and just completed a paragraph about what made their leader great. They are now completing their timelines and PowerPoint presentations about their leaders and are considering how they will present their work to the other students in the school during a Year 4 World Leader event.

Year 5 have delved deep into figurative language and poetry this week, continuing with their current poetry themed topic in English. They have tackled hyperboles, learning how to exaggerate their sentences whilst also exploring idioms, rhyme and personification too, finishing the week with some alliteration.

Year 2 have begun their new unit in English with the exploration of nonsense limericks looking specifically at Edward Lear. The children have had great fun reading his beautiful work. They have also looked at how to take notes using bullet points to improve their writing skills.

And finally, Year 1 have been showing what great learning and understanding they have developed in Maths and English since they joined Primary. The teachers are all extremely proud of the hard work, resilience and great attitude the children have shown completing their phonics, writing and maths assessments.