The range of spooky and strange costumes worn by students and staff was a fantastic sight to behold today! The children enjoyed a variety of activities in the morning organized by our Prefects including pin the skeleton skull to his body and plunging your hand into mysterious gloopy liquid and retrieving mysterious objects. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable day.

Also, this week, Year 1 discovered that their new toys in their classrooms had been taken by elves and replaced with toys over 100 years old! They have now begun to investigate the similarities and differences between them. In Year 2 the children have continued to draft and create their own recipes using the key features, as well as looked at apostrophes and contractions to develop their grammar skills. Whilst in Design Technology, they have been having lots of fun designing their own lunch boxes focusing on the important criteria that need to be met to solve their pirate problem.

Year 3 have explored good and evil characters in traditional tales as well as been developing their grammar skills by using conjunctions. Meanwhile in Science the students have had fun examining the uses of different kinds of rocks in the world around us. Year 4 have been exploring missing number problems in Maths and planning and writing the beginning of their world leader biographies and creating timelines of the world leaders in English and Topic lessons.

Year 5 have begun their poetry unit and have been working on relative clauses, noun phrases and personification. They have been reading poems on a range of topics and themes, whilst also studying poet Rachel Rooney. And finally, Year 6 students have compared djembes with loose skins and tight skins, the effect this has on the sound and ultimately the music produced. They have also been learning the Kuku and Kassa rhythms, and in groups worked out the different parts, before finally performing to their peers in class.