As we progress into the Spring Term, it is really pleasing to see our children become even more focused, engaged and enthusiastic with their learning. It is really important to develop children’s natural curiosity and awareness of the world around them and this is what our teachers carefully consider when planning your child’s learning.

This week there was much excitement in Year 1 when the children discovered dinosaur eggs in their classroom! They were very excited to let myself and other teachers in school know and had lots of fun thinking why they might be there. They also used this to help them write some dinosaur poems using a range of adjectives, nouns and verbs. In DT the children also had the opportunity to taste different salads and salad dressings and discussed what they liked and disliked about them.

Year 2 have been collecting natural objects outside in preparation for their sculpture building in Art next week and in Geography they have been beginning to understand how volcanoes are formed by exploring tectonic plates and the Earth’s crust. They have also been exploring the “Diary of a Wombat”, discovering the format of a diary, as well as using conjunctions to advance our writing.

Year 3 have been writing and performing their own poems inspired by “A Sea Creature Ate my Teacher” by Brian Moses. In Mathematics the children have continued developing their understanding of money. They enjoyed creating their own shops and handling values of money as well as solving calculations and problems using British currency.

Year 4 have continued their Play Script studies with more award worthy acting and have been hard at work collaboratively creating their own scripts! In Maths, they have been deepening their understanding of fractions by learning how to convert between improper and mixed fractions. They have been representing this with numbers and mathematical diagrams to show their knowledge. The children have been demonstrating excellent maths ability and determination in their learning of this tricky concept!

Year 5 they have been exploring the use of a range of technical language in order to make their writing as exciting as possible and evaluating different scenarios from several points of view. In Maths they have been learning about perimeter and working diligently to secure their understanding of different mental maths skills. In Science the children have been challenged to ‘self-research’ using their own device to explore their fabulous topic all about Earth and space.

Whilst Year 6 students are currently improving their skills and techniques in PE before they all take part in some mini intra-school House competitions. 6A will be performing a gymnastics sequence both individual and group based. They will be expected to include everything they have learnt across the weeks; movement skills, balances, rolls and jumping techniques. Whilst 6B have been focusing on running, jumping and throwing as part of their Athletics unit of work. 6B will be taking part in a mini-Olympics event including the 100m sprint, the High Jump and the Shot Putt throwing event. We look forward to seeing what our Year 6 gymnasts and athletes are capable of!

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary