Year 6 have been really enjoying their Music lessons as they learn about Musical genres through the ages. They have just moved on to Contemporary Classical Music (from around 1945 – present). They watched and listened to John Cage, George Gershwin, Philip Glass and John Barry and examined some of the sub genres such as jazz-classical fusion, minimalism and avant-garde. Mr Troy has been very impressed with how the students have been able to distinguish the different pieces by these composers and identify which composer composed each piece!

During Maths lessons this week, the children have been consolidating their learning in various different topics: Year 2 have been practising their doubling, addition and subtraction skills using number facts. Year 3 have further developed their faction knowledge and learnt some new methods for adding fractions and working out equivalent fractions. Year 4 have continued with their work on multiplication and division and answered two step word problems. They found that sometimes there is more than one way to solve the word problem but still get the same answer! Year 5 have been tackling reflex angles, whilst also drawing and measuring their own. As well as continuing their work with decimals and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 too. The children have enjoyed using their calculators this week to self-mark and then use this process to correct and edit any mistakes whilst explaining where they went wrong.

Meanwhile in English lessons, Year 2 have been inspired by the beautiful story of ‘The Tin Forest’ which touches upon how to use the resources in the world around us responsibly. Year 3 have continued their work on fables by studying a variety of morals and have been learning all about common interesting proverbs and their meaning. Year 4 have begun their unit about recounts; learning what a recount is and then looking at different examples to find the common features, before beginning to write their own. Year 5 have been continuing with their comprehension work, making inferences and being able to use a colon and semi-colon successfully. Furthermore, they have been writing their arguments, looking at for and against points of view, making sure their writing is well balanced and thought out.

Well done to all students this week persevering with their learning and making good progress.

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary

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