This week, students in Key Stage Three have begun following the new reading programme for this year during their allotted library lessons and morning registration times. This will involve using the Quizlet App in order to study a range of common academic vocabulary, as well as using the website, which will be used as a tool for reading practice and will allow the English department to monitor student reading progress throughout the year. I recommend that parents ask their children about and sit with them to explore some of the site's features. In addition to this, students will be given time to exchange library books and will be asked to update the teacher on the progress of their own personal reading during library time, so that as a department, we can monitor the reading habits of our students more closely and intervene where necessary. Finally, a range of new books for the library have been purchased and will be arriving in the coming weeks, which will further help to promote a love of reading amongst our student body. I have already spoken with a number of parents regarding the issue of reading outside school, and I would like to invite more parents to provide me with feedback and suggestions about how to continue encouraging positive reading habits.

Sebastian Edwards
Head of English and Media Studies

Over the past two weeks Key Stage Three students have been learning various different songs and rhythms from the western tradition and West African tradition. Students have been participating in confidence boosting exercises, rhythmical activities and communication awareness activities, all to further their musical awareness. Students have been learning the basic hand techniques and rhythms of the Djembe Drum, playing as part of an African drumming ensemble. In the coming weeks they will work towards a completed class and group performance of African drumming and singing.

Richard Dorrington
Head of Music