What a great term it has been for our Secondary students in PE. I would just like to say on behalf of the PE department just how proud we have been of our Secondary students in PE. Every year group, from Year 7 through to Year 13, all students have been working extremely hard in their respective sports, whether this be developing their running, jumping and throwing skills in our Athletics unit of work, to beating their personal bests in the swimming pool, to finally mastering the Net/Wall games unit of work of developing their skills within the sport of Badminton, it truly has been a jam packed few weeks to say the least.

We have also seen more Secondary students be placed into our HABITS wall of fame. Students have been pushing themselves to the limit in their lessons in order to win the award. The HABITS wall of fame is starting to become a lot more busier now with many of our Secondary students getting placed on there. Well done to those students who have managed to claim a HABITS band already this year, and to the rest of secondary as always keep up the excellent work as you will be in for a chance to win one of these special awards.

Just to make you all aware, next week is our final week within this PE Block before students move onto the next block to work on a new sporting topic. With this in mind, all students will be taking part in an inter-class House Competition. Therefore, may I kindly ask that you remind all children to bring in their House T-Shirts to ensure they represent their houses in style.

Overall, it has once again been a very busy term for our Secondary students in PE and as always I look forward to seeing what more developments are made in the next PE Block.

Well done once again secondary and keep up the excellent work.


In Year 10 we have been investigating the effects of physical activity on the pulse rate. Students have also been researching about the risk factors of Coronary Heart Disease.

Year 11 have been expanding their understanding of energy resources. How electricity or other useful forms of energy may be obtained from: chemical, tidal, geothermal, nuclear fission, wind, heat and light from the sun.

In A-Level Biology we have been exploring the effects of mutant alleles on the phenotype in the following human conditions: albinism, sickle cell anaemia, haemophilia and Huntington’s disease.

In A-Level Chemistry we have been looking at two drugs, Taxol and Thalidomide. Students have been learning how the biotechnology/ pharmaceutical industry is challenged to identify, design and develop new drugs and treatments. The synthesis of chiral drugs extracted from natural resources and synthetic preparation of drug molecules.


Pi Day fell on a Sunday this year but this did not deter Britannica from celebrating, we just had to wait one more day. The day began with a whole school activity, each class had to represent 14 digits of Pi on Bunting. The bunting will be put together and displayed so that we will have generated the first 392 digits of Pi!!

Secondary school then hosted a House Mathematics competition which involved 20 students forms years 7-11. Students took part in four rounds, which included a “pass it back” round, a team round, an individual round and a “Bowl” finale.

Red Phoenix ran out winners with Yellow Tigers coming in second place.

The following students took part in the competition and should be congratulated for their effort, commitment and mathematical ability.


  1. Sylvie (year 8)
  2. Selina (year 11)
  3. Joanna (year 8)
  4. Fei Ling (year 11)
  5. Kevin (year 8)


  1. Rachel (Year 7)
  2. Hayden (year 7)
  3. Jaymin (year 8)
  4. Jackie (year 9)
  5. Isaac (year 11)


  1. David (year 9)
  2. Prathamesh (year 11)
  3. Elavi (year 7)
  4. Emma (year 8)
  5. Jerry (year 11)


  1. Vicente (year 9)
  2. Kevin (year 10)
  3. Xia An (year 9)
  4. Tae Yeon (year 9)
  5. Isabel (year 7)