It has been an extremely productive first half-term for KS3. Across the year groups, the performance of the students in lessons and practical’s has been outstanding.
In Year 7, the students have been focusing on cells and practical skills for the past few weeks. The year group have worked extremely well and demonstrated mature behaviour during practical lessons where they have created their own cheek cell and onion cell slides for observation.
The Year 8 class have been deepening their understanding of knowledge of all thing LIGHT where they have been learning and investigating the concepts of reflection and refraction and dispersion.
Year 9 have worked impressively well their Electricity and Energy unit. They have conducted a practical investigation about kinetic energy in sprinters and have been learning about renewable energy sources. In addition to this, they have been exploring the behaviour of current and voltage in series and parallel circuits as well as resistance and Ohm’s Law.
Well done to all our young scientists in KS3.

Ian Linsell
Year 6 Form Tutor
KS3 Science Teacher

At Britannica the focus of technology delivery is to follow the UK national standard for technology learning with an emphasis on leading students toward the attainment of the world-renowned Cambridge International Examinations Certificate. Coupled with this objective is the belief that we should show a higher degree of correspondence with the wider world where the use of technology is pervasive. Britannica guarantees your children will get the same exposure to technology learning that students from the leading countries in academic excellence have. Our approach to learning technology is not to ask, ‘What can we use this technology for in teaching and learning?’ Then we will only learn what the technology is good for; hence, we don’t sort out the problems we need to solve.
So instead, we say ‘Here is the teaching/learning problem – How can technologies help?

’That way, we challenge the technology to help with essential learning needs;
* First the problem,
* Then the creative solution,
* Finally, learning the technology that will allow the students to execute a solution.

Within this paradigm, the student assumes a leading role in his or her own learning. An overarching theme within the Secondary School is the responsible use of IT in relation to the wider world, which means being a responsible, ethical and safe user of internet applications. Technology learning evolves at a rate no other academic subject can match. It should be of great comfort to you, as parents and guardians, that here at Britannica we pride ourselves on our ability to co-evolve with the global pace of ICT academic development.

Laurence Bell
Director Of Technology Learning