In the last two weeks, the Native Chinese students in Year 8 & Year 9 have been learning the ancient classical Chinese texts《石壕吏》(written by Du Fu in the Tang Dynasty) and《世说新语二则》(written in the Wei-Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties). During their learning, students have increased their knowledge about the writings in classical style, improved their ability to translate it into modern Chinese language and developed a keen interest in the historical background of when the texts were written.

Based on their understanding of the stories and the social context in the texts, students have then worked in groups to adapt the stories into short plays and act them out! They have not only had great fun and enjoyed their performance but have also deepened their understanding of the characters. Meanwhile, they have had the opportunity to enhance their group collaboration skills creating and rehearsing the plays together with their group members.

Elaine Fu
Head of Mandarin
Head of Humanities