What a great week we have had at Britannica celebrating the upcoming Year of the Ox, with an exciting series of events taking place!


Having practised hard for the last four weeks, we were really proud to perform for our online-audience and to our fellow students in the theatre. This year all the students in Reception to Year 11 participated in the show. We had a great time performing and watching a variety of performances, and hope our families and friends will enjoy our performances as well via the online recordings!

CNY Cultural Activities Day

Wednesday 3rd February was our Chinese cultural activities day. It was also ‘lichun’(the beginning of Spring) in the Chinese calendar, which is believed to be a day full of hope and vigour. Celebrating the arrival of Spring, children and teachers at Britannica put on their Chinese costumes and enjoyed an exciting Chinese Culture Activity Day.

We kicked off the day with a morning opening on the school field. All members of the school enjoyed the Chinese drumming, dragon dance and flag dance performed by our students. During the rest of the day, students from Reception to Secondary enjoyed a range of activities including dumpling-making & eating, Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting, plate-painting, puzzles, and more! Children not only had great fun but were also excited to learn more about Chinese culture.

Hongbao Design Competition

As part of the celebration this year, we have invited children to participate in a Hongbao design competition. It was an absolute pleasure to see so many entries, and the creativity, artistic skills and understanding of Chinese culture demonstrated was outstanding! It really was a very difficult decision to make on who the winners were. After a lengthy discussion, our Mandarin teachers finally agreed on the following prizes. Congratulations to all the winners!


1st Prize: Elise Gu, Sienna Van Den Bosch

2nd Prize: Yiyuan Fang (Olivia), Jiayi Pu (Victoria)

3rd Prize: Ander Dobosz Mijangos, Koutaro Tanehashi, Edoardo Trazzi


1st Prize: Roy Lee (2C)

2nd Prize: Bona Kim (1C), Lucas Shi (2B)

3rd Prize: Arianna Lim (1B), Selena Yun (1B), Maxwell Wang (1C), Olivia Son (1B)


1st Prize: Biah Kim (6A)

2nd Prize: Lucy Lee (4A), Izumi Jin (3A)

3rd Prize: Angelina Asaulenko (4A), Victor Zhu(3A), Kevin Yu (3D)

What an eventful week it has been! We hope to bring good luck and our best wishes to everyone in the Britannica community. Happy Year of the Ox!

Best regards,

Elaine Fu

Head of Mandarin