On Monday 31st May, pupils from Year 7 and Year 9 at The Britannica International School in Shanghai participated at the inaugural Shanghai International Schools Maths Competition (SISMAC) over a two-day event. The team of mathematicians competed with students from BISS, Harrow, Wellington, Dulwich, Concordia, and YCIS.

The students had to demonstrate their maths skills in a variety of ways. There were team games involving relays, constructions and Geometry as well as four Individual rounds.

The students competed very well and matched the students from other schools. The students enjoyed a great learning experience and were able to take home wonderful memories from the event.

Congratulations to Huai De Liu who finished 4th out of 44 students in the individual rounds and to all our fellow pupils who took part in the event.

Well done to:

  • Rachel Crawford
  • Huai De Liu
  • Elavi Schreier
  • Erik Cuc
  • Wei Han Song
  • Sicheng Lyu
  • Yuan Hei Zhang
  • Tae Yeon Kim