On Friday 4th June, our Year 8, 9 and 10 students have had a wonderful day in Zhaojialou, an ancient water town located in south-east Shanghai! As one of the earliest farming areas in Shanghai, Zhaojialou has a history of over 500 years and has preserved the architecture styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Students toured around the town and communicated with local residents to find out what life in a water town is like, during which they learned about the history of Shanghai and gained an understanding of the water town culture in Southern China. Our non-native Mandarin learners also practised their Mandarin skills while shopping and ordering food in restaurants.

Here is what our students have to say about the trip:

“Zhaojialou is an ancient site preserving history. The form of life from decades ago is revealed and well-preserved there. This trip was a chance to leave this modern city and feel a different way of suburb life. ”(Steven Lyu Year 9)

“Zhaojialou is an ancient town but full of liveliness and enthusiasm.”(James Zhou Year 9)

“Zhaojialou is an amazing place filled with a variety of traditional Chinese food. I got the chance to be on the boat and see all the ancient Chinese bridges. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot about the Chinese culture.”(Kevin Hu Year 10)

“The trip was a fun experience. I really liked experiencing Chinese culture. Firstly the food was amazing and very unique, I loved eating the stinky toufu! I also enjoyed the architect of the temples. Lastly I really enjoyed going out with the school. ”(Santiago Bell Year 10)

“Zhaojialou is an ancient town full of Chinese historical buildings and Chinese food. It was exciting trip because I got to experience tradition Chinese food which is very interesting; the food tasted really special. Besides I get to visit old Chinese temples and get to meet and talk to the local people there.”(Jerell Tan Year 10)

“I think the trip was fun and interesting because we interacted with locals and interviewed them about their lives.”(Emma Year 8)

“The trip was very fun and full of challenges. I was very scared to talk to a local but I made it eventually! I also managed to see very interesting traditional Chinese objects.”(Larissa Year 9)

“It was such a fantastic time with my friends and some other new friends. I am happy that we made wonderful memories altogether. Thanks to Ms Fu and other teachers who gave us this amazing experience.”(Tae Young Year 9)

“The trip was a very fun and interesting experience. I enjoyed looking at some more traditional places and taking part in activities like going on the boat on the river. I also very much enjoyed just generally being able to have fun with my friends there.”(Leonardo Year 9)

Elaine Fu

Head of Mandarin