Q1. Please introduce yourself

Growing up I lived, studied and worked in seven different countries. Throughout this time, I learned to speak four different languages. My love of languages led me to pursue a degree in Modern Foreign Languages with Education from King’s College in London.

Q2. What subject do you teach?

I am a qualified Early Years Foundation Stage teacher. During the theoretical part of my teacher training, I covered topics such as Child Psychology and focused on the different aspects of children’s development; their emotional, social, physical, cognitive and language development. Having had firsthand experience growing up in a multi-lingual household, I am especially fascinated by children’s ability to acquire language. The first five years are crucial in a child’s life to lay the foundation for their future successes.

Q3. Your aims for Britannica?

My core value as an Early Years teacher is to transfer a love of learning and a positive attitude towards school. My aim is to guide children towards independence by helping them gain social skills, try something new, build resilience and set a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy.