How wonderful it was this week to invite Reception parents back on-site to celebrate the swimming achievements of all our Reception children through the Swimming Gala. There was lots of splashing, shouting, and cheering as every Reception child demonstrated their swimming progress throughout the year in this special event. Well done, Reception, an excellent way to celebrate the end of your time in Early Years. A huge thank you to our Sports department for their organisation of the event, and we hope you enjoyed celebrating your child’s achievement with us.

As the term is quickly drawing to a close, throughout Early Years we are celebrating all the achievements of each individual child in class. The children are loving rounding up their Summer term topics, and there is a buzz of excitement for their next adventures in the following academic year. With one more week to go, there is much more fun learning to take place and celebrations to be had.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years


Pre-Nursery have been singing our story this week as we round up our last two weeks learning through the book ‘The Journey Home from Grandpa’s’. Bringing all our transport learning together, Pre-Nursery have enjoyed joining in naming the transport we see on a journey in a yellow car and guessing which transport comes next.

We have been developing our understanding of shape through play, making pictures of different transport and houses and matching shapes to pictures throughout the week. Pre-Nursery especially enjoyed using the IWB to drag shapes across the screen to create Grandpa’s house!

The most excitement we had this week was making a snack for a journey in the car! Pre-Nursery sequenced how to make a banana sandwich using the picture prompts and then made a real sandwich themselves. We practised our spreading and cutting skills as we buttered bread and chopped bananas for our delicious sandwich.

Next week we look forward to parents joining us on our first Pre-Nursery trip to the park to celebrate our year of making friends and learning all about school.


Ahoy Me Mateys! In Nursery this week it has been all about treasure, maps and the world of cheeky pirates! Children enjoyed a delightful and funny tale, "Pirates Love Underpants", marvelling at the clever tricks the Pirates played on others to steal away the prized gold underpants.

We made our own treasure by taking our time to bead together tiny buttons to make bracelets and hanging ornaments. We experimented with ships and objects that float and or sink and created waves in our watery worlds! Some of us counted out coins and solved some simple treasure chest math problems!

Children showed off their tool handling skills cutting out pictures to create an island collage of pirates, mermaids, pirate ships and treasure. We enjoyed drawing a map to help our pirates find the treasure and used our words to give directions to hidden gems.

As we near the end of our time in Nursery, the children have been reflective on the year that has been. We spent time reviewing our work from earlier in the year and can see how far we have come! Nursery enjoyed looking through the pages of their special work folders and talking about their achievements. The children are very excited to take home their folders on the last day of school to share with parents and will treasure this keepsake.


The children have enjoyed two special events this week.

On Tuesday, the children showed off their fantastic swimming skills in the Reception Swimming Gala. We were delighted to see all the progress the children have been making in their swimming lessons, and after a tightly fought contest, Yellow Tigers come out on top! Thank you to all the adults who attended and supported.

On Friday, the children celebrated all their hard work this year with a fitting summer fair celebration afternoon. Everybody had smiles on their faces with an array of fun games and activities to play and many delicious treats served up.

In class, the children built on their measurement skills this week. We used cubes and even our feet to measure the lengths of different items, before becoming experts at using rulers, making sure to use the language of centimetres.

We now look forward to the final week in Reception and look forward to the fun and exciting challenges that await us in Year 1!