This morning we had the pleasure of welcoming our returning students, 100% of teaching staff and a record number of new students!

The first day of school is always filled with unique energy and a mix of emotions. There was a buzz of excitement, some first day nerves and maybe even a tear or two. With the sunny start to the Autumn term, this morning’s welcome was a fresh, warm and joyful one.

All of our teachers and support staff have spent the last few weeks planning and preparing to ensure the start of this new academic year started smoothly. The morning was dedicated to allowing students to quickly settle in and meet their new teachers and classmates. We are delighted that we remain one of the only international schools in Shanghai to have 100% of its teachers in school, something we believe is absolutely essential to providing a consistent environment and successful transition into a new school year.

In addition to welcoming back our returning students, we had the pleasure of meeting over 70 new students and their families. We are very pleased to welcome these students, and their families, to the Britannica community.

Britannica International continues to receive applications from multiple new students with many year groups now reaching their capacity.