This year’s Anti-Bullying theme is ‘Reach Out’ and over the course of this week, students have come to better understand that reaching out for help and helping others can make a positive difference in our lives. We began our Anti-Bullying Week by wearing odd socks to school; it was a fun way to start the week and encourage our students to celebrate individuality and what makes us unique. Each morning, classes have also been given a Kindness Challenge to try and achieve, e.g. holding the door open for someone, or inviting someone who is alone to come and play with them. The students have also been exploring more about what bullying is and how to report it through PSHE lessons and class assemblies. To finish the week, we all enjoyed getting cosy and comfortable in our pyjamas or onesies and spreading kindness to one another. Also, Keira, in Year 5, deserves a special mention for making and selling stress balls for her peers and donating half her sales to our school’s charity fund, well done Keira!