Congratulations were in order recently as Selina Tang of Year 12 became the first Britannica Shanghai student to achieve a certificate in one of the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust individual challenges. Selina displayed her problem-solving skills and achieved a Silver certificate in the Senior Maths Challenge. The rest of the Sixth Form mathematicians have also been busy as they sat their first external examination of the year last week, testing the pure mathematics they studied in the first two months of the year. We wish them all the best as they continue into the applied side of mathematics shortly.

Meanwhile Year 8 have been working on a project designing schools for the future. To ensure they have the best possible outcome they first studied the intricacies of writing questionnaires and methods of data collection. This will help their end result be as practical as possible as they look ahead to linking their mathematics with the IT side of the project.

Christoph Cox
Head of Mathematics