Chinese New Year Performance
This week, secondary school students completed a spectacular Chinese New Year Performance! With all students in Year 7 to Year 10 participating, we presented an impressive range of performances to our audience, including the traditional dragon dance, lion dance and water-sleeve dance, as well as mini-play and poem recital in modern style. It was also a great pleasure to have Mr O’Brien and Mr Olivier join the dragon dance team this year!
I feel very proud with our students not only for the high quality of performance but also for the hard work, resilience, persistence and collaboration demonstrated throughout the rehearsal. I look forward to sharing the excitement with you through our recorded video. A huge ‘well done’ to all the performing students in Secondary!

Sixth Form
Our Sixth Formers have also provided a couple of events for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Britannica students have invited to place their New Year wishes in red envelopes and attach them to a ‘wishing wall’, and to take part in a raffle that will raise money for a Shanghai-based heart charity. We are very proud to see our senior students contributing proactively as responsible members of the school community and demonstrating their leadership skills and care for others.