ICT in Secondary.

One of the defining features in today’s modern classroom is the relationship between education and technology. We live in a connected world where an estimated 40% of the world’s population now uses the internet and this number is set to grow exponentially.

Britannica’s digital learning practice is defined by the effective use of technology. It encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices including: blended learning, which combines online educational materials and opportunities for online interaction with traditional classroom methods.

At Britannica Shanghai we make use of Canvas by Instructure for our virtual learning environment. A virtual learning environment is a web-based platform dedicated to all digital aspects of course study. Canvas has afforded Britannica wider access and flexibility to student learning. It has made learning more pedagogically rich, personal, and time effective. Canvas’s extensive range of data-mining metrics allows for new ways to help students succeed. It allows teachers to measure student learning over time by showing how much progress can be attributed to the teachers’ practise, separated from other factors that affect students’ learning. It facilitates in setting realistic yet rigorous goals for student growth that allow teachers to customize instructional practices to the needs of their students.

Every parent and guardian at Britannica can follow the progress of their charges by following them on Canvas. In so doing, you will get to see their assignments, correspondences with teachers and their grades.

For further information on how to follow a student please contact their form teacher.